Testimonials About Oxford

Testimonial from D.L., from Kerrville, Texas

For the past seven or eight years, I have not taken a step without pain. I am an ex-coach of high school football, but now I officiate athletic games. I gave up basketball officiating because of the pain in my knees. I was so bow-legged that many people made fun of me, especially when I wore shorts. These problems are not part of my life anymore! My legs are straight, and I can walk or jog without pain. I had the Oxford Knee Partial Replacement done on both knees and in less than two months after the last surgery, I was calling softball games behind the plate! Dr. Likover and his staff are truly amazing, and they have changed my life! I can even stay up with my wife at Wal*Mart! If you have knee problems, donít hesitate to see Dr. Likover as soon as possible! My knees get better everyday, and I am no longer embarrassed by wearing shorts! Thank you, Dr. Likover!

Testimonial from P.R., Woodlands, TX, age 47

Dr. Likover: It has now been 7 weeks since the surgery. I am 100% recovered and back in the gym. I have even begun to do some light jogging. I have zero pain and have ditched the pain pills. The Oxford truly changed my life. It is awesome! Thank you and your staff for doing such a great job. I am truly thankful to God that you have eliminated my pain. It is great to be back to normal. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! P.R. Oxford done 12/6/06

Testimonial from W.B., Huntsville, TX

I am extremely pleased with my Oxford partial knee replacement. The entire procedure in including recovery time was about 2 weeks. I hadn't met Dr. Likover until I came in for the pre-surgery office visit the day before the surgery. We had corresponded via the internet, after I'd initially found his website. The surgery was on a Wednesday morning and I went home from the hospital the following Friday morning. I went back to work a week later. Overall, there was minimal pain (most of it immediately following the surgery), and just as Dr. Likover promised, I was walking with full weight on the knee the day I left the hospital. The relief I've received from this knee has in fact made walking on my other knee much easier. I'm also looking forward to having the same procedure performed on my other knee in May.

Testimonial from M.P., Houston, Texas

Dr. Likover, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me my life back. Before seeing you in November 2006 my activities were extremely limited. Since the first meeting with you three months ago I have had the Oxford procedure performed on both of my knees. Believe me your services will be highly recommended to all that I know. I still can't believe that the pain and healing time were so minimal, and that I was walking long distance on my own within only a few weeks of the procedure. I am so pleased that I can now function without any pain or limitations. If it were not for you and the Oxford procedure this 70 year old Nurse would have had to retire. Thanks to you and your team and I will be going to work at the end of April.

Testimonial from B.M, Houston, Texas, age 68

After being told by two orthopedic doctors that I needed total knee replacements, my wife searched for alternatives to the full knee replacement. She found Dr. Likover on the internet. Dr. Likover completed the Oxford procedure on my left knee on Jan. 3, 2007. Twenty-eight days after the procedure, I was playing golf. I am very anxious to get my right knee done as soon as possible. I could not be more pleased with my renewed left knee.

Testimonial from J.T, Laguna Vista, Texas, age 60+

Dr. Likover THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! I am a 60+ life long "jock" and now avid tennis player with a horrible left knee from football and rugby. Arthroscopic surgery in 1978 was a stopgap measure that helped until I tore an achilles in the same leg in 2001 and it has been down hill from there. Bone on bone on the inside of the left knee. My orthopedic doctor recommended full knee replacement. I sent her info on the Oxford partial knee replacement and she said that I was not a candidate?? I sent you my X-rays and MRI for review and you said to come in for a personal exam and I did. You said I was a prefect candidate because my knee was strong and stable. You performed the surgery the next morning in about 45 minutes. I was up walking that evening with a walker and 2 days later I was going up stairs at my daughters house. The rehab was a piece of cake with the passive motion machine I watched tons of football over the Christmas holidays and walked a lot. Thirty three days after the surgery I played 3 sets of doubles tennis and won the match!!! Two months later I played singles for the first time in 6 years!! Within 2 months after surgery I am was playing 2 to 3 doubles matches a week and have no pain before, during or after!!! I have lost 10 pounds and intend to get back to tournament singles competition for the first time in 15 years. Regards, J.T.

Testimonial from D.H., Houston, Texas, age 80

Two years ago, May 24, 2005, I could hardly walk for the pain in my left knee and it was getting worse. I had two choices. I thought I was going to live on pain killers the rest of my life, then you explained the good results available from the surgery procedure called Oxford partial knee replacement. I'll have to admit I was fearful of both and I gave it a lot of thought. I finally made the choice of surgery. It was the best decision I ever made. First day after surgery I was walking in the room, second day down the hall with a walker and the third day I left the hospital to start my therapy. It was amazing how quickly I responded. I could walk and go up and down the stairs without pain. I was able to do anything I wanted to do. I got my life back. That was two years ago, I'm now 80 still walking, going up and down my stairs and even swimming. Yes, I got my life back and I'm still enjoying every minute of it. I would highly recommend the Oxford procedure for anyone.
Dr. Likover, you are the best....Thank you, thank you.

Testimonial from P.K, Houston, Texas, age 79

Three years ago I was told I needed total knee replacements in both knees. Since the pain was so intense, I chose surgery on my right knee first. I was in the hospital and rehab hospital for 11 days then went home using a walker. Because the recovery time was so long and the pain lasted so long I was hesitant about having the other knee operated on and put it off until I had to make a decision. A friend and former patient of Dr. Likover told me about his Oxford partial knee replacement and suggested I at least go in for an evaluation. I made an appointment, not expecting I would be a candidate, but wanting to explore every option. I was elated when he said he could do the Oxford procedure and we scheduled a date for surgery. My surgery was on Wednesday and I went home on Friday. The pain was minimal and I progressed from using a walker to a cane immediately. A month later I drove myself to the office, went up the stairs to the entry way then went out with friends for a Mexican dinner to celebrate! I want everyone to know how much better the Oxford was for me than the total knee replacement. There is no comparison in the recovery time, the intensity of the pain and the range of mobility. I have totally recovered and as a 79 year old woman, enjoy a satisfying and pain- free life. Thank you Dr. Likover, you are my hero.