About Our Practice

Dr. Likover, one of the original arthroscopic surgeons in Houston, has extensive experience in knee surgery, hip surgery, back surgery, and trauma, and has performed literally thousands of arthroscopic surgeries on the shoulder and knee. He has developed a unique specialty in the arthroscopic reconstruction of the knee and Oxford partial knee replacement, which is a minimally invasive procedure.

Dr.Likover's other areas of expertise include total knee replacement, total hip replacement and patellofemoral joint replacement. Dr. Likover performs over 250 joint replacements a year. He has also perfected microsurgery of the lumbar spine for treatment of the herniated lumbar disk and has made this an outpatient procedure.

Dr. Likover has extensive training in trauma surgery at The University of Texas Trauma Center. To this day, he performs extensive trauma surgery reconstruction and covers the Emergency Room at Memorial Hermann Memorial City Hospital.

With his years of orthopedic experience he is fully qualified to treat most children's orthopedic conditions, including a multitude of fractures and other conditions.

Dr. Likover also has a very busy practice in Workman's Compensation related injuries and issues.